Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

album review

Review: Baroness – Stone

Since their debut album Red in 2007, Baroness has risen as one of the top sludge metal bands. Constantly building upon their past efforts, Gold & Grey, their 2019 effort, was their most confident and well-rounded material. After four years of waiting, they have put out one of their most compelling albums.

Review: Avatar – Dance Devil Dance

Avatar, over the years, has proven to be a band that doesn’t just sit on its laurels. Dance Devil Dance is a testament to this. Over the last decade and a half, the band has accrued quite an interesting and dedicated fanbase, and with each album, they’ve pushed for a different sound or further experimentation. This time around, they move forward by looking a bit to the past.

Alter Bridge – “Walk The Sky”

Since the demise of Creed, the instrumentalists joined forces with Myles Kennedy and formed Alter Bridge out of its ashes. Initially, many fans (including myself!) felt that it was just Creed part deux, and mostly had written them off. That is, until they dropped an absolute bombshell of an album, Blackbird. That album was just the start of what has proven to be a very prolific career.