Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Tesla – Mission Ballroom – Denver, CO

Tesla demonstrated their staying power at Denver’s Mission Ballroom as they made their way through a mix of old and new songs Tuesday night. Partway through a near two-hour set, frontman Jeff Keith introduced one from back in the day say saying “this is from 1986…and here we are still rocking out in 2024!”. The band then played “Changes,” a song from their debut album, Mechanical Resonance, that first put them on the map.

Opener Kurt Deimer described Tesla as “the kindest guys on the planet.” And he might just be right. The band repeatedly told the crowd how happy and full of gratitude they were to be performing for what was nearly a full house. A sentiment that was further echoed with songs like “All About Love,” “Love Me” and “Love Song.” The hard rock veterans closed the night out with their cover of Five Man Electric Band’s “Signs.” A song that never seems to lose relevance, performed by a band that clearly hasn’t either.

Check out our photos (including some of opener Kurt Deimer) below: