Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

HEAVYGRINDER Releases Hotly Anticipated, Genre Melding ‘Setsuna’ EP

HEAVYGRINDER Setsuna Artwork

Metal-EDM icon HEAVYGRINDER, newly made up of DJ Heavygrinder and Nek0, has unleashed their most dynamic, and the most truly transgenre dance music EP to date, Setsuna, through ONFYR Records. Melding infectious electronic dance elements and fresh Jpop energy with the signature metal edge that has been the cornerstone of the DJ Heavygrinder sound since the very beginning, Setsuna has something for all fans.

Setsuna marks the beginning of HEAVYGRINDER as a duo, also shifting the group’s style towards a groundbreaking mixture of Japanese pop-rock with metal overtones.HEAVYGRINDER

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