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One thing she’ll never know. An interview with Josh Krajcik.

Success is a fickle thing. It’s one of the most difficult things to sustain in life. Especially as a musician. Josh Krajcik has taken the long road to becoming a successful musician, it’s not his fault though. He’s as talented today, as he was 10 years ago. It just took time, and that one big break on Simon Cowell’s newest brainchild, X-Factor. Josh is not your typical singing competition fodder. He’s a real musician. He came out as the runner-up on X-Factor in their first season, but I’d be willing to bet that he’ll be the winner when it comes to longevity. With a soulful voice, a tone like no other, Josh Krajcik is about to release his debut solo album to world in early 2013. He just released a 4-song EP that is now available on iTunes to give you a taste of what’s to come. I for one, am very excited.

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Today, I’m joined by Josh Krajcik. Josh is now a solo artist, who won the hearts of millions on the first season of X-Factor. First off Josh, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us today, and I’d like to welcome you to the Unsung Melody Family. So, I know you just released an EP of four songs. It’s a teaser of sorts for the upcoming full length. It was released on iTunes at the end of November. So, congratulations on that. Were the songs chosen as a bit of a broad range to show the fans what to expect?

Thank you. When we put the tracklist together for the EP, which we put out on iTunes. In a sense, yeah. I wanted to put out four tracks that were gonna really show a broad range of what the full length may be like. These were some of my favorite songs, from a songwriter standpoint. It was exciting for me to get the music out to the people to hear.

One Thing She Will Never Know is the first single. Tell us a bit about the story behind that song.

I think what really interested me, was the type of stories in love songs that aren’t spoken. Though it may not be autobiographical, I think we all have been through that, or know someone who has. So, for me, I found it very interesting on an emotional level, that those kinds of things are real. They happen to real people, and I thought people would be able to relate to it on an emotional level. I certainly did.

You just performed that song on X-Factor. How weird was it going back on the show?

It was a little weird, but I love performing and I’ve been so busy in the studio that I haven’t had much of a chance to do so. That’s why I’m so excited about the upcoming shows in Cincinnati, Louisville, and back here in Columbus. That being said, it was a little surreal. In the fact that it was the same stage, and there’s the judges…not judging this time around. I actually would have welcomed their criticisms. I did speak to Simon and L.A. about it. They were both very excited for me. It was nice to be back. The main thing was, there’s so many people that I made friends with on the show. Like the crew, and producers, so it was great to see them before I played.

Sounds like it was more of catching up with old friends, more so than a pressure cooker situation so to speak.

Yeah. Not so much a pressure cooker. The pressure was off, and I could just go out there and have fun. It was definitely like a reunion of sorts.

You are a very talented guitarist. I had a friend of mine who spun me a few tracks from the Josh Krajcik Band. Those songs were pretty bluesy, and I really enjoyed them. Can we expect to hear a few riffs on this album or does it lean towards more of a contemporary album?

It does. I wanted to concentrate on songwriting and vocals from a sonic standpoint. I do have some guitar work on there, that you’ll hear that would remind you of the bluesy stuff that I’ve done in the past. Always when I play live, I’m going to have my guitar in my hands a lot. So, the live shows lean towards more of me ripping it up than the record. That’s still all there on the album though, as it’s part of who I am as an artist. It’s a record that I’ve put a lot of heart and soul into, and I’m excited about it.

So, more of a complete package so to speak.

Yeah. For me, it wasn’t so important to showcase, or put at the forefront, my guitar work. Like say Kenny Wayne Shepherd or John Mayer does. I like to leave a little bit of that for the live show, so that it’s just one more thing for people to be excited about when they come see me play.

Usually with artists that are on competitions like X-Factor, most of their music is written for them. They usually don’t have the pedigree, or background that you have. You are a musician, that has self released music before. How much freedom were you given for your solo album?

Actually, a lot. A lot of freedom. I’ve written, or co-written every song on the record. Which is great because my voice, and my vision is in there. I think maybe that I have an advantage, because I have been writing songs my whole life. So, I have a solid identity of who I am as an artist, and as a man. I know exactly what I want to say. I think they’re may be some artists who come from shows, that are primarily singers or are young. I had the good fortune, to struggle (laughter) to get the exposure I needed, until I was 30. I think being as experienced as I am prior to going on the show, really helped earn me some trust from some of the people that I was working with on the record.

You’re playing a few shows in the region of your hometown. Columbus, Cincinnati, and Louisville. I’ll have a photographer at the Louisville show btw, so smile pretty. Are these a few warm up shows for something bigger or are you still finishing up the album?

The album is getting finished up. We’re in the mixing and mastering stage so to speak right now. These shows are to get out there and play mostly, because I miss it. Next year, I plan on doing a lot of touring to support the upcoming full length release. Also, from a regional sense, it’s the help get the word out about the Josh Krajcik EP, that’s on iTunes right now. Anytime that you can play near your hometown, it’s always really fun. To put together a tour, a full on, balls to the wall tour right now, just doesn’t make sense with the break coming up. So, after the first of the year, that’s when I’m going to really start all that.

I found an interesting clip on YouTube. It seems you recently got a tattoo. How on earth did you wind up in that clip?

(laughter) That’s actually a funny story. A friend of mine, who plays guitar with me sometimes, it was his bachelor party. So, instead of going to the strip clubs, we all went to the tattoo parlor. I had wanted to get a tattoo for a while to immortalize my Grandfather. I think that was the day. We went to the best artist in Columbus. His name is Billy Hunt. Just as I was sitting down, and getting prepped, he’s like, “Hey, do you mind if I film this?” I said, “No, go right ahead.” (laughter) He set it up and I guess it went on YouTube later. I didn’t realize he was going to do that, so yeah it was kind of neat.

You mentioned the tattoo being for your Grandfather. Family is very important to me. I have a son who is in the marching band, and I do everything in my power to be supportive of him. When I saw your Mom on the show, and the sheer pride that she had for you, I couldn’t help but relate and I became as big of a fan of her, as I did you. How much of a role have your parents played in your success?

Both of my parents have always been super supportive. My Dad’s a player too, he can rip. People will say who’s your influence, and they expect you to say The Beatles, and Soundgarden , and whomever. But, he’s a big influence on me in that sense. So, he’s always been very supportive. As is my Mother, as was made very clear by that show. (laughter) People love her, and I just knew that bringing her along, that the camera would love her, and ultimately so would America. She’s just got one of those personalities that is just infectious. She’s genuine, so it was fun to see her lose her mind on television.

Well, it was good that you were able to make her lose her mind. So, there ya go.

Yeah. (laughter)

Alright Josh, I always end on a random question. It’s a bit of tradition here at Unsung Melody. So, you can’t escape it. Here’s the scenario. You lose a bet and you’re forced to get an embarrassing tattoo. You can choose between a Care Bear, Barney the Dinosaur or a Teletubbie. Which do you choose and why?

(laughter) I guess all of that would depend on the placement of the tattoo. I would assume the arm.

I’ll leave the placement up to you! (laughter)

I would choose Barney. When my daughter was growing up, she used to love to torture us with Barney. I don’t think she was so much as a fan of Barney, as she was seeing me cringe at the show being on. She would laugh, and laugh. So, I would have to choose Barney because it just brings back all those wonderful memories of her growing up.

You could put it as a badge of honor. I like it.

I would! Now that you’ve planted the seed, I may just go out there and do it.

Alright Josh. Thank you so much for your time. The site and myself wish you nothing but the best.

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