Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Wait For The Siren. An interview with Andrew Schwab of Project 86.

p86-press-photoThe music industry has, is currently, and will continue to evolve as the world of technology gives bands and musicians more power, and the creativity to have more control. One band in particular that has recently used technology to their advantage, is Project 86. The band used the website Kickstarter to fund their new record, Wait For The Siren. With fans eager to help, and make a contribution to something they love, Kickstarter could very well become the future record label for many bands. For me, Kickstarter makes perfect sense. People like to have a sense of involvement. They like to take pride in what they do, and when they support something like the new Project 86 album, they also are eager to help spread the word. So, not only do you receive the support needed to create, but you also get an added bonus of word of mouth advertising. It’s also an amazing way for fans to receive perks that they would otherwise never have the opportunity to receive before now. For example, I’ve seen bands featuring incentives such as a private acoustic concert in your living room, for a donation of $1000. If you love a band, and you have 20 friends with $50 a piece, you just became a superstar to your friends and an undeniable, much needed asset to the band that will no doubt create a friendship for years to come. I don’t think this route if for everyone, yet. After all, Project 86 is band that has been around for years, and was very well established long before they chose this route. Enough about my thoughts on that though, we’re here to talk about music, and Project 86 has created something amazing. The new album, Wait For The Siren, is a heavy, melodic, album with an incredible energy about it. It’s definitely one of the top releases of the year, and we hope you will take the time to lend an ear to this awesome release.

Today, I’m joined by Andrew Schwab of Project 86. Andrew is the vocalist, and songwriter of the band. First off, thank you so much for joining me, and welcome to the Unsung Melody family.

Fall Goliath Fall is the first track you guys have made available to the fans, it’s a heavy tune that will definitely be one to get the crowd excited. It’s also the album opener, was that track picked as the opener to sort of set the tone for the album?

Definitely. It’s one of our favorites and we feel like the energy is immediate. It’s like a medieval battle song.

There are a few guest spots on this album, give us a little info about those.

Brian “Head” Welch (Korn, Love and Death) is on the song “The Crossfire Gambit.” Bruce Fitzhugh (Living Sacrifice) appears on “SOTS.” Blake Martin from A Plea for Purging is on guitar. Rocky Gray (Evanscence, We Are the Fallen) is on drums. Cody Driggers (The Wedding) is on bass.

You chose Off The Grid as the next track to share with the fans. Would that mean it’s possibly the next single off the album?

We haven’t picked the second single as a of yet, but there is a good chance that could be it!

Have any of the new songs crept their way into the setlist?

We have been playing 3-4 new ones per night. It has been a blast and the fans are really reacting to the new music.

I really enjoy to see the creative ways that bands engage their fans. Recently, you guys have done something that I feel is an amazing idea. You have been sharing your gamertags, and playing your fans on Battlefield 3 on xbox. Where did that idea come from and how much fun are you guys having with it?

We all love Battlefield 3 so we decided to host a some parties to connect with fans. It was a win-win situation. We may do it again soon.

For me, I feel with the music industry a bit on it’s ear, sites like Kickstarter will play a huge role in the future of music. I feel it’s a way for fans to feel a bit of ownership, and pride once a project is completed. It also is a tremendous way to sort of lose the middle man, and have the success needed to continue on the road. What were some of the reasons that you guys chose to go in this direction?

Partnering directly with fans is so fulfilling. Nowadays you don’t need a record label to get your music out. This has been the most amazing experience.

Alright, I always end on a random question. So, here goes yours; Since I mentioned you guys playing xbox earlier, I thought I’d ask a game related question. When growing up, was it Nintendo or Sega, and why?

Nintendo. All of my friends had that system so we could trade games and play at each others’ houses.

I appreciate you taking the time to speak with us today, and the site and myself wish you and the band nothing but the best. Hopefully, we can catch up at a show sometime soon.

Project 86 members:
Andrew Schwab-Vocals
Scott Davis-Drums
Dustin Lowry-Guitar
Mike Williams-Bass

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