Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

Brick + Mortar at Blind Bob’s Bar in Dayton, OH

Brick+Mortar-Dayton-MC-14I met Brandon Asraf & John Tacon of Brick + Mortar in a small bar in Dayton, OH and was instantly a fan for, if nothing more than, their friendliness. They are, without question, a couple of the coolest guys from Jersey you’ll ever meet. I had listened to their newest EP “Bangs” and was impressed with the combination of creativity and sophisticated beats. Listening to them live, however, sent me reeling back to my youth. I heard my mother talking about my best friend and I. “For just 2 boys, you sure as hell make a lot of noise!” These guys like it loud and up close & personal. Their unabashed desire to have a crowd invade their personal space was actually a welcome change from the “please keep your distance because we’re stars” attitude found with a lot of bands. The lyrics are deep, honest, and encouraging. The music is an ever-twisting, unpredictable road of rhythm that draws you in, keeps you tracked and leaves you wondering but not really caring where it was that you got lost in it. Overall it was a mindblowing night of music and one I highly recommend.

Brick + Mortar: