Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Album Review – Galaxy Cloak

Esque Records’ Galaxy Cloak is an alternative hip-hop project made up of producer Sorcery Orchestra and rapper Menes the Pharaoh. The group’s debut is an ambitious 15-song album packed with wordy flows and jittery beats that combine old-school sneer with new-school wobbles and glitches. The duo’s dark yet vivid concoctions recall the heyday of 90’s hip-hop but are complimented with touches of modern production and an urgency all their own. Menes is natural on the mic, weaving alliterations and clever wordplay together in a unique way – like if MF DOOM sounded more like MC Ride. Galaxy Cloak is peculiar experiment which boasts thrilling results for any hip-hop fan. Listen to the whole thing here.
FFO: Ratking, Death Grips, DOOM, Run The Jewels

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Review by Riley Savage