Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

LITTLE TRIGGERS Release Official Music Video for “Bang (Bang Bang Out Go The Lights)”

Little Triggers - Bang - Artwork

Liverpool based Rock Band LITTLE TRIGGERS has released the official music video for their newest single, “Bang (Bang Bang Out Go The Lights).” Featured on Classic Rock’s Tracks of the Week, “Bang (Bang Bang Out Go The Lights)” was directed by Tom Llywarch and Andy Whitfield assisted by media students at Coleg Cambria.


“This is classic hard rock at its finest with driving drum beats and classic distorted vocals delivered by Hamilton. You may not understand all of what he’s saying very well, but you will be singing along to his wails of “I’m Going To Shoot You Down.” The energy of this track is absolutely out of this world. These guys play at such a fast-pace that you may wonder how they’re able to strum a guitar or hit drums that quickly.” – PureGrainAudio

“It’s a fast n’ furious fireball of barely contained energy that makes them sound like Rival Sons’ naughty kid brothers – the excitable but prodigious ones, jacked up on Haribo and addicted to QOTSA, Wolfmother and Steve Marriot records.” – Classic Rock

Download / Stream “Bang (Bang Bang Out Go The Lights)”:


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Catch LITTLE TRIGGERS Live: 02/23 @ The Troubadour – London, UK 03/08 @ Eagle Inn – City of Salford, UK 03/14 @ Hot Box Live Events – Chelmsford, UK 04/18 @ The Hope – Brighton and Hove, UK 06/20 @ The Pipeline – Brighton and Hove, UK

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Little Triggers Combine wit with an unpredictable charm, their music provides a fitting rebuke to the times, and their once adolescent fury has now morphed into a measure of healthy aggression. Their live shows are all the better as a consequence, and though the band has always transferred well onto a record, like all the greatest bands, Little Triggers need to be experienced live if one is to fully comprehend their true prowess. Recent appearances both home and abroad are a testament to the bands’ fiery live performances.