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The Synners’ Redemption Begins. An interview with Aaron Nordstrom from Gemini Syndrome

Gemini Syndrome-Newport-Mike Clare-2013-21As the year comes to a conclusion and we look back at the artists who’ve made a great start, one band has solidified itself in the annals of Unsung Melody. Securing the top spot as the Debut Album of the Year is Gemini Syndrom’s Lux. The group, having spent a large portion of 2013 touring and posting solid gigs to support their EP, now leads its own headlining tour promoting its debut album.

Unsung Melody’s middle-aged metal head, photographer/writer, Mike Clare spent a few minutes with Gemini Syndrome’s front man Aaron Nordstrom at the legendary Thompson House in Newport, KY. Nordstrom provides some insight to his influence as a front-man as well as some candy for fans who still haven’t had the chance to see them in action.

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Thanks for joining us Aaron, let’s get started. How has the Midwest been treating you?

It’s been great. Every show we’ve played, there’s been a lot of real diehard fans that have come out, despite weather issues. We’ve seen a couple of blizzards and where it’s been really icy but people are still coming out and enjoying the shows and having a good time.

It’s rare to hear a Metal front man with a great voice in addition to the ability to scream. It shows some contemporary influence. Where does it come from?

I grew up singing. My mom’s a singer, so I was involved with her, in music, when I was really young and I’ve been around it my whole life. With choirs and such, I took lessons in college from a couple of different teachers for voice. I was going to school for guitar. I grew up listening to Type O-Negative, Pantera, Tool, to Sevendust to Death and Black Metal to some other kind of Pop stuff including Justin Timberlake. It’s funny to say that but, the guy’s a genius and has an amazing voice. Some of the stuff he’s worked on, especially in his older years as he got away from the Mickey Mouse stigma. Now he’s like an incredible gangster artist. It’s (influence) all over the spectrum, so I think being able to say.. it’s necessary to be a vocalist that, having the ability to scream to emphasize those more emotional parts is a valuable asset for somebody in modern music.

You guys are a little closer to the end of the tour than you are to the beginning.. what’s next? Back to the studio for another one?

This record just dropped, back in September. It’s just starting. We’ll tour on it all next year. We’re always writing, so there’s a bunch of material that’s just waiting for the right time.

This (year) has been a lengthy tour.

I don’t doubt that next year will probably be the same, if not more. We have a couple of little breaks but, for next year, it’s more touring. Some headliners to finish out this run then, hopefully some more festivals.

The festivals are great exposure and a way to introduce new fans to you when, otherwise, they might be a little slow to check you out.

Definitely. Not only is the exposure great but, so is having so many different bands in one place. You get to meet a lot of people that you might otherwise not have the chance.

Let’s talk about Gemini’s use of Symbology. It’s a new “old” spin on an ancient art form.

Yeah, absolutely. The use of symbols is probably one of the oldest forms of communication we have as a species. From hieroglyphics to cave drawings. I think the goal was to, not only have a sonic presentation of music but to, couple that with something visual and to have it tell a story that runs the gamut of human emotion and talk about all different parts of our existence. Good, bad, and everything in-between. We use those symbols to tell that story on a universal level, where we all have unique experiences. Everybody deals with Death. Everybody deals with Loss. Everyone deals with Joy, in whatever context that happens to be for them. I just write about it from my personal experience. I try to be real and have it be relatable to anybody else.

A lot of bands have “Unwritten Rules of the Road.” As a younger touring group, any you’d care to share with fans, such as “no crapping on the bus?”

There are a bunch of unwritten laws and, certainly, no No.2’s in the vehicle is one of them. We try to be a pretty clean, respectful group. We try to clean up after ourselves. Nothing too unique, inasmuch as “rules” go. We’ve been a band for a few years and through almost all of that, we’ve lived together non-stop so there’s that unspoken communication that just happens. It’s kind of a system that everyone “kind of” knows.

“Kind of” like marriage, isn’t it?

Very much so. With 5 different people. And no sex. But that’s ok.

I thank you so much for joining us. The site and myself wish you absolutely nothing but the best and hopefully we can get caught up at a show some time soon. You guys be safe out there.

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