Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Howard Jones – Hudson Gardens – Littleton, CO

“I bet you didn’t know I was going to take you on a musical journey tonight…”

That was the phrase uttered by English-pop-new-wave veteran Howard Jones part way through his set at Littleton’s Hudson Gardens Saturday evening. By that point the audience had likely caught on. “Hojo” had already been sampling from his 30+ year catalog since taking the stage – in unexpected and refreshing ways – and proving himself to be very much still relevant. On point. And a welcome sight to a capacity crowd filling the outdoor venue on an usually chilly June night.

First in line was a pared down version of “Hide and Seek,” performed under a lone spotlight and featuring Jones’ resonating voice and single keyboard. From there is was a blend of old and new. Several cuts from his 2019 release, Transform, made an appearance. Along with a plentiful serving of the radio hits, including “No One is to Blame,” “Like to Get to Know You Well” and “What is Love?”

Check out our photos of the night below: