Wed. May 29th, 2024

Ministry, Gary Numan – Mission Ballroom – Denver, CO

Do a search for “Ministry” on Instagram and you’ll likely come across the hashtag #unclealforpresident. No doubt a testament to the popularity of frontman Al Jourgensen. But also a fitting tag for a band that has kept political and social issues front and center in their music for over four decades.

The industrial metal veterans wasted little time getting to the point at Denver’s Mission Ballroom Tuesday night. They took misogyny to task right out of the gate with “B.D.E” (ask “Big Dick Energy”), and from there didn’t go on to mince any words with songs like “Just Stop Oil,” “Broken System” and “Thieves.” Jourgensen has never been known for subtly in his songs. Especially when it comes to his observations about the state of the world.

Shortly before closing out the show with several encores, Uncle Al thanked the crowd for going “above and beyond” that night. He then invited opener Gary Numan on the stage for a final cover of Fad Gadget’s “Ricky’s Hand.” Check out photos from the evening below: