Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Dragonforce with Firewind, Visions 0f Atlantis and Seven Spires in Denver, CO

London’s Dragonforce returned to the Oriental Theater in Denver, Colorado with their Extreme Power Metal Tour on March 20th.  The stage had a retro video game arcade feel with gigantic video game machines on each side, CO2 smoke guns, neon-lighted sunglasses for the first few songs, and the towering dragon with glowing eyes in the back. The night started with Boston’s Seven Spires, followed by Austria’s Visions of Atlantis and Gus G’s power metal band, Firewind. If you’re a European power metal fan as I am, this was the night to be at the Oriental Theater.

Dragonforce played a diverse set of new materials. This included four from their latest album, Extreme Power Metal. Plus, a mixture from their earlier release and a few covers done Dragonforce style. Guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman started the evening playing on top of the two huge arcades on each side of the stage. Both the guitarists, bassist Alicia Vigil and Marc Hudson, would perform on top of the massive arcade towers throughout the night.

Dragonforce started with “Highway to Oblivion” from their 2019 release, Extreme Power Metal. “Fury of the Storm,” the classic from the 2004 Sonic Firestorm album followed. They continued with “The Last Dragonborn,” based on the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Singer Marc Hudson displays his incredible vocal range. He did a fantastic job performing both older Dragonforce material and originals since he joined the group in 2012. Marc displayed his guitar skills during his solo on “Dracula’s Castle” from Castlevania and “Fight On!” from Final Fantasy VII. He played the entire solo on top of one of the massive arcade towers.

This was followed by a bit of silliness fun based on Farmer’s Simulator’s video game. Sam Totman came out dressed in farmer’s overalls and a straw hat. He reminded me of a character from HeeHaw playing the “Randy Lynn Rag” cover.  Guitarist Jack Kosto from Seven Spires and Christian Douscha from Visions Of Atlantis joined Sam and Herman on stage. This was one of the strangest country instrumentals cover I have heard and watched.

Dragonforce continues with a mixture of new material and fan favorites. This included “Ashes of the Dawn,” “Heart Demolition,” and “Cry Thunder.” They ended the set with the die-hard fan favorite, “Valley of the Damned.”

The evening ended with a power metal version of Céline Dion’s cover of “My Heart Will Go On.” This was followed by what is known as Dragonforce’s most well-known song from the video game Guitar Hero, “Through the Fire and Flames.” Marc Hudson asked the crowd how many only came to hear this song.

For die-hard fans like myself, it was a power metal sing-along. Everyone, including the newest member, Alicia Vigil, was smiling and laughing throughout the night. Herman was doing guitar acrobatics, and both Li and Totman were jumping off the stage riser. What a fantastic night! This was a show for fans of European power metal. It’s not to be missed if they come to a city near you.

Highway to Oblivion
Fury of the Storm
The Last Dragonborn
Ashes of the Dawn
Video Commercial(Sega Genesis commercials… more )
Heart Demolition
Dracula’s Castle / Fight On! (Marc on Guitar. Songs from Castlevania Symphony of The Night and Final Fantasy VII respectively.)
Banjo Solo / Guitar Solo (Based on Randy Lynn Rag by Flatt & Scruggs.)
Heart of a Dragon
Cry Thunder
Valley of the Damned

My Heart Will Go On (Céline Dion cover)
Through the Fire and Flames