Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Gary Numan – Ogden Theatre – Denver, CO

This was the second time in seven months that Gary Numan made a stop in Denver. And much like his 2022 visit, the weather in Colorado was atypically cold and snowy.

That didn’t stop an excited crowd from lining up outside the Ogden Theatre, though. Numan fans know what they’re in for – a high energy show loaded with heavy beats, nonstop strobes and enough new wave synth-pop to warm up even the chilliest body.

The evening’s set list pulled from a variety of albums, with a particular emphasis on tracks from the most recent Intruder release. “Resurrection” was first, followed by a mix of old an new that included “Pure,” “Everything Comes Down to This,” “The Gift” and “Love Hurt Bleed.”

Check out our photos from the night below: