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A New Way To Live Forever Discuss Their Monuments EP and Greatest Fears

A New Way To Live Forever’s catchy alternative riffs and lyrics have made them a prominent fixture in the music scene.  The band recently sat down with Unsung Melody to talk about their favorite songs off of Monuments an their pre-show workouts.


When you guys are writing a new song, do you usually pick a title and write the lyrics around it, or do you choose the title after the song is finished?

Russ: The music always comes first and the tone or feeling of the song evokes the words. Generally the title then comes out of that.

Which ANWTLF song do fans have the best reaction to during live performances?

Daniel: “Fall or Follow” seems to always get the best reaction. I think it’s due to the song’s dynamics. After the initial intensity of the first chorus, we’re back to the ease of the second verse, which is usually where I notice lots of positive crowd reaction. The same happens after the first guitar solo. It’s another break from the musical journey we’re on together, and another spot for us all to take a breath before the song’s crescendo. Or maybe it’s just quieter in these parts and I hear the cheers better. Regardless, it’s a good time!

What does it take to become a successful musician in an era where attention spans keep getting shorter?

Russ: I think you need to just keep creating, keep making things for fans to consume whether it be songs, backstage videos, t-shirts, etc. Keep pushing yourself, evolving, and making things available to fans on a more rapid basis.

What’s your favorite song off the Monument EP?

Daniel: Speaking of dynamic songs, “I Saw Stars” is my favorite on the EP. It takes me, as a listener, on a journey – from its acoustic opening to the synth laden choruses, it’s filled with dark emotional goodness. And the fact that one of my guitar heroes, Peter Klett (Monument’s producer), plays the guitar solo on the track, doesn’t suck.

Russ: “I Saw Stars” is also my favorite off of Monument.

Are you guys planning on making any videos for Monument? If so, which song(s)?

Daniel: Just after Monument’s release, we released a live-hybrid video for “Fall or Follow,” filmed last year when we performed at The Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles. Most recently, however, we released a lyric video for the song “Valley Metro.” As far as lyric videos go, we’re very pleased with the outcome and the traction it’s making.

What songs do you usually listen to before a show?

Russ: I personally like to listen to anything by The Prodigy.

What was each band member’s biggest fear as a child? How did you each overcome your fear?

Russ: My biggest fear was, and still is, tidal waves and/or drowning – and yet I live near the ocean. Perhaps I’m tempting fate, or replaying a past life scenario. I think the other members’ fear is that of answering this question.

Steven Rose: I’m afraid of drowning, which I overcame by never swimming in any form of water!

The members of ANWTLF don’t seem to have any visible tattoos. Do you keep them hidden for a reason, or are all of you collectively afraid of needles?

Daniel: Two of us, I believe, have tattoos. I have five, though semi-discrete. In my head I’m definitely sporting more tattoos, and plan to get one very soon. Mr. Steven Rose, however, is pretty covered. He’s got some serious sleeves going on. Maybe we need to tell him to sport a t-shirt more often!

What do you think is the most crucial element responsible for ANWTLF’s sound?

Hooks, be they in the form of riffs or vocal/chorus.

How would you describe your sound in four words?

Rock. Groove. Hook. Passion.

Are you guys currently working on the next release? Can you give us any details?

The next release is already written and we are rehearsing the new songs now. The plan is to start sprinkling them into the live set this spring and record again in the summer.

What else should people know about ANWTLF?
We are preparing a live “montage” video from our series of 2016 fall shows, and have MANY new songs in the pipeline for fans to look forward to this year. And we love air conditioning. A lot.


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