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Industrial Artist, Nuda Addresses Past Trauma & Mental Illness With “Trigger”


July 6, 2022
 -Industrial artist, Nuda has just unveiled their new single, “Trigger” from the forthcoming album, Stranger.

“Trigger”‘s title stemmed from PTSDs and mental illness. It’s also the theme of the new album . Past trauma or underlying emotions can come out so quickly and unintentionally because words or actions people say or do can trigger a bad memory and in response- lash out or get anxiety, panic attacks, etc. 

“Trigger” is the most industrial dance style song yet with inspirations of Front Line Assembly and CelldwellerNuda is also working with the Melbourne Electro-Industrial band, Sirus on a remix which is set to release later this year.

“Trigger” is available NOW on all streaming platforms.

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