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Gothic Singer ELLE NOIR Unveils Her New Video: “Like A Black Doll”


November 9, 2020
 – Following the heels of her recent video, “The Day I Died,” Italian gothic singer ELLE NOIR unveils her latest video – the title track from her upcoming EP, Like A Black Doll. 

“Like a Black Doll” is a nightmare with different levels of meaning.
At first sight it’s the image of a girl who can’t react to life, who closes herself in her dark inner world and surrounds herself with things that can’t hurt her.

But deep down, the song tells about a traumatic situation of my childhood, which I do not talk about but have been able to elaborate on over the years thanks to music. It is one of the reasons that pushed me to sing, to use my voice and my songs to exorcise my demons.

“My inner worlds are always autobiographical, my songs are always lived in the first person. Death, mental illness and emotional states of discomfort are central themes in my writing. When I write a lyric I always have an image in mind and try to describe it. My lyrics are little narrated and very visual.”
– Elle Noir