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AUTUMN TEARS & ZERESH Address Loss & Obsession With ‘Widowing/Possessing’ Split


February 10, 2022
 – Neo-classical act, AUTUMN TEARS is proud to partner with ZERESH‘s Tamar Singer to present a split album,  Widowing/Possessing featuring seven new AUTUMN TEARS tracks and six new ZERESH tracks. This split release is a meeting of AUTUMN TEARS‘ unique neoclassical arrangement and ZERESH‘s own brand of dark folk mixed with mesmerizing vocals.

Widowing‘s themes center on the loss of a loved one. the loss of oneself, and a journey to try and find either inner peace or to completely give up. 

Possessing‘s themes deal with obsession towards people, the thin line between love/possession and the lingering of dead or non-existent relationships. The lyrics for Possessing are taken from Shakespeare’s sonnets and the poetry of John Clare. 

Widowing/Possessing is available as a digital download and in CD edition limited to 500 copies worldwide. Included in the CD edition are two separate mini fold out lyric posters – one for each band!

“Since I was doing this split with Tamar and ZERESH, I wanted to tap in to some darker old-school AUTUMN TEARS themes to keep in with a similar mood.” – Ted Tringo (AUTUMN TEARS)

“The songs for Possessing were written to fit in with AUTUMN TEARS‘s, Widowing. Therefore they are more romantic and a bit “cleaner” than my previous works. Yet it is dark and gets even darker towards the end.”
– Tamar Singer (ZERESH)