Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

UNION KAIN Releases Vividly Intense Lyric Video for “Lake of Fire”

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South Florida based Metal band UNION KAIN has released another graphically distinctive lyric video for “Lake of Fire,” the third single off of their debut EP, Black Dawn. Directed by Jacob Glover, “Lake of Fire” features dark imagery inspired by Greek mythology; the River Styx is evoked as The Lake of Fire, layered with smoldering flames and the band’s striking dragon logo.

“‘Lake of Fire’ represents the reality of the scope of dire consequence and internal turmoil and desire within the world of drug addiction. Wanting to escape drug addiction, the need for ‘one more time’, the knowledge of where it really brings you, the chance one takes that one could die at that moment—these are the realities of the stories told by friends and acquaintances who have tried over and over to beat the need for drugs—in this case more specifically cocaine. This is NOT a glorification of drugs but our sharing of the terrible sadness that goes with how many people we know and have known that are still in the grips of or have lost to the addictions.” – UNION KAIN


“Pounding bass drums come at us and they have a shredding guitar chord for company, the snare drum enters the fray and sends out power crunches that mix well with the double bass drum kicks that hold the bass chords in good stead as they plunder away with a cool deep funking groove that sits proudly amongst the power riffed guitars with a real depth and heat to them, vocals have that power gritty edge to the them and this combines the vocal power and shredding prowess to mold it together” – JACE Media

Unon Kain Black Dawn album cover

Track List: 1. Battles Within 2. Black Dawn 3. Lake Of Fire 4. Persistence 5. Plan B 6. The Master 7. Waiting For The World To End 8. Your Own Kind

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The band celebrated the 7/18 release of Black Dawn with a full live stream of the album for their fans on Facebook. The performance, which includes “The Journey,” the first single off of their upcoming second album, was originally intended for their 423 Rock Fest debut in Bristol, TN, but was redirected to the the social networking platform for a broader, worldwide audience. The full performance is available to watch online, now!

Live Video

“Partly an homage to the classic metal sound that most new bands never get right, and partly a band that gets that classic metal sound just right, Union Kain captures a magical moment in time and makes it the present with each and every track with their own style and originality uniting the harsh compressed Soldano style guitars with a harsh vocal range fit for Headbanger’s Ball. Brilliant!” – JAMMERZINE


A chance meeting took place in 2017 when Brizzy Dee answered a local advertisement seeking a drummer with a diverse set of skills. Upon arrival, Brizzy was introduced to Kain and their playing styles instantly gelled. Within a couple months, Brizzy and Kain decided to strike out on their own. Initially writing music as a duo, most of the songs on the bands initial album, Black Dawn were written. Brizzy and Kain then set out to find the much needed missing pieces to their puzzle. Taking a long shot, Kain reviewed online ads in search of another guitarist. Not just any guitarist, one with charisma and raw power. And then Jay the Worst was found. Like catching lightning in a bottle, Jay fit the need. Next, bottom end was needed. Where to find a Bass player though? Jay was on it and out of nowhere, Big $ appeared and perfectly rounded out the bands sound. Finally, a search for the vocalist. Such a daunting endeavor. Lots of great talent came through, yet in the end, stood Glazergirl, a vocalist and lyracist with a unique sound and extreme performance in 2019. Union Kain is a unity of like minded souls in the pursuit of delivering a unique unified sound.

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