Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

Own It. An interview with Jared Cole from Surrender the Fall.

Surrender the Fall uptopSurrender the Fall. That’s not only a band name, but also their mission statement. The name is about pushing forward and giving up the option to fail. The Memphis, TN based band has been touring relentlessly and building their fan base the old fashioned way. Through hard work and kicking ass on a daily basis. Surrender the Fall recently released their new album titled Burn in the Spotlight on Rumbum Records. I caught up with vocalist Jared Cole and below is our conversation. I hope you enjoy the interview, but more importantly the band.

Today, I’m joined by Jared Cole. Jared is the vocalist from the band Surrender the Fall. Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today and welcome to the Unsung Melody family. Burn in the Spotlight is the new album. Let’s dig into that just a bit. Let me ask about the title itself. What does it mean to the band?

Burn in the Spotlight means get to where you want to be in life and fight to stay there, live there, die there, burn there. Nobody and nothing can take what’s yours if it’s YOURS, so own it!

Love Hate Masquerade was the first single. It’s definitely a barnburner. Very true to the old adage of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Then the next single is a bit of a ballad, albeit a heavier one which is Some Kind of Perfect. Fill us in on how the band landed on those two songs as singles.

Love Hate Masquerade felt good when it was written, when it was recorded & we knew it would make a good first impression. We wanted to start with a bang and I think we did just that. With Some Kind of Perfect, we wanted to show you another side of Surrender the Fall and we all have a strong connection with this particular song, so we feel that many others will feel the same.

You recently released a video for Some Kind of Perfect. It’s a really powerful video. Where did you guys shoot that and who did you work with on that one?

Thank you! Some Kind of Perfect was filmed in Southern Florida with our friends at Rumbum HD Film Studios. We were stoked to get a second crack at the video department. Our first video was a great learning experience that helped us take the Some Kind of Perfect video to another level. Working with explosions and a special effects crew is something we’ve always wanted to do, so it was a lot of fun as well.

You worked with Lennon Murphy for this record. How was that process for you guys? I’m assuming that is also her on the track Beautiful

Yes that is Lennon singing Beautiful. Which is the piano version of our song Pitiful Lennon is great in the studio. From production and direction to getting the right delivery in each performance. Her input and ideas are on point because she understands songwriting and the artistic element that’s attached to it. Killer chemistry with Lennon.

You just played the Dysfunctional BBQ up in NY with e and a slew of other bands. Do you prefer bigger outdoor shows or indoor more intimate shows?

Outdoor shows are amazing because it makes the day what it’s supposed to be..AN EVENT! Everybody comes out for all the bands. Tons of energy!

Venue shows are probably my favorite mainly because there’s less separation from us and our friends. The energy is always a crap shoot inside because the variables can change so easily. Changes in the sound, the smell of the room..the humidity even changes. It’s trapping chaos inside four walls. Always intense.

I see a couple gigs close to home for you guys, but nothing else on the tour dates. What’s in store for the summer and fall for the band?

We will be touring. A lot. All of the details are TBA at this moment but will be released in the next few days. We are stoked to get back out and see some familiar faces as well as some new ones!

You guys are from Memphis which was once a true hotbed for rock. I recently spoke with One Less Reason and they said that the area has really kind of died down. What’s your take on that?

Memphis has some of the best music you’ll ever find but the scene has been down for a while. Recently, there’s been a lot of hands on support and with bands that refuse to let it drown, it’s already seeing a bit of improvement. It takes all of us to make it work. Bands and fans!

You guys are on Rumbum Records, which I believe is owned by Bacardi. What were some of the deciding factors to signing with them? What did they bring to the table that no one else did?

Rumbum gave gas to the machine. We have a lot of love and support with our label and we all work together so the creative input is never absent. They’re built on individuality and the integrity of real music and it felt like home before the ink met the paper.

Alright, I always end on a random question. So, today’s no different. Since you have the Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am in the video for Some Kind of Perfect, I thought I’d ask about cars. What is your favorite muscle car and why?

I’d take a GTO over anything. A beast of a car that’s built like a tank!

Can’t go wrong with a Goat! Jared, the site and myself wish you and the band nothing but the best. Hopefully we can get caught up at a show sometime soon. You guys be safe.

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