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Colossally Cryptic. An interview with Java from Here Come The Mummies.

Here Come The Mummies-2013-13Thousands of years ago, when music was just being discovered, a band was born. It took them until the year 2000 to discover their voice, but now that they’ve been unleashed, their music has swept the masses and caused many a fan to let their freak flag fly. I’m speaking of course about Here Come The Mummies. The band born in Egypt, that now calls Nashville home. Their funk infused party rock is sure to render you helpless and free you from your inhibitions as you dance about, enjoying your beverage of choice.

Those are the thoughts that entered my mind as young and old enjoyed the show in Lexington, KY at Buster’s. By far the most diverse crowd I believe I have ever seen at a concert, it was refreshing to see so many different people there to simply enjoy the music. I wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest, but what I got was a good time, good music and a terrific show. Color me impressed.

Now, we set down with the Mummies and hear what they have to say. Today, I’m joined by Java. Java is the percussionist and spokesmummy for the band Here Come The Mummies. First off, thanks for taking the time to speak with us and welcome to the Unsung Melody family. Alright, let’s discuss all things HCTM. How long has it been since you guys last visited the ancient discotheque you were discovered in?

We have not been back since catching the camel out of dodge, but every time we close our eyes we can still recall the ribald mirth that it housed.

Any fond memories you care to share from the old club?

Baby, the tales from that room would make Ron Jeremy blush.

You’ve had thousands of years to pool your ideas from. Where did the inspiration for the new album Cryptic come from?

Cryptic is our sixth release in a dozen years. Our inspiration has never wavered: make the ladies dance while amusing ourselves. We have a lot song writers in our midst, so we tend to be all over the stylistic map. We see that as par for the course.

The Cryptic Tour is in full effect. I recently saw you in Lexington, KY at Buster’s. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’ll say this, you didn’t disappoint. Obviously the dead have feelings or at least remember feelings, since they are conveyed in your music. How was the show at Buster’s from a Mummies perspective?

We have been lucky to always have great crowds in Lexington, and we love the energy thrown back to the stage. The only tough part about Buster’s is the stage is small for the number of mummies on it, thus we have to make an effort not to skewer or be skewered.

Check out my HCTM photo gallery from Lexington here.

When playing the new song “Petting Zoo“, there are solos from each member. I use the term “member” rather loosely by the way. Tell me about the CowBelt and how it became a part of the show.

When you have such great horn players, it would be a shame to not let them blow every once in a while. The CowBelt was invented as a pelvic thrust to decibel converter, so every time you thrust your hips, your hit a cowbell. It has been featured in various ways in the last several years, the latest being played by the banana chucking gorilla.

See HCTM perform Petting Zoo below:

Since the band found their voice around the millennium, the search for the ultimate riff has been constant. Do you feel you are any closer to finding it?

Not sure if you are a musician, but every once in a while playing you enter the zone. It is a fleeting beast, but worth the chase.

You were discovered in 1922 and no one has ever uncovered your true identities. Why do people feel the need to unwrap the Mummies?

Wish we knew, and wish they would stop. We are fiendishly sexy, but older than dirt. It is like the lemon party, who really wants to see that?

I always end on a random question. So, here goes; I’ve always been told that you can’t fake the funk. Is that true?

We are all trying to achieve it. Forcing it never works, you just have to lay back and let it find you.

I thank you so very much for taking the time to speak with us and we wish you nothing but the best in your pursuit of the perfect riff.

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