Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

An Absolute Honor. An interview with Garry Peterson from The Guess Who


As cool as it is to do what we do, sometimes something happens that is still overwhelming. I had the opportunity to speak with a musician that I have looked up to for most of my life. Garry Peterson is a founding member of the legendary band The Guess Who. I had the chance to speak with him for roughly 38 minutes and I had a blast. It was so special and so real, just a conversation that felt like it was between old friends. Generally I transcribe an interview and have the text to go along with the audio. For this one, I felt that there was no way to convey the coolness of Garry within the text. So, after battling with my dedication to a uniform site, I chose to only post the audio for this one. It’s truly the only way you can get a sense of who Garry is and just how real, humble and welcoming he really was. I hope you enjoy the conversation and realize just how special this is.

Listen to the entire Garry Peterson interview below:
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