Wed. May 29th, 2024

Warden Releases Eclectic Dark House EP, ‘Sacrifices’


Electronic Artist Warden has released his much anticipated, 3 track EP, Sacrifices. Premiered on Your EDM, Sacrifices is available for Pre-Order NOW.

“While writing ‘Go Die’ and ‘Get Down’ I really wanted to stick to a classic ravey feel with a new school twist to it. I wanted the tracks to work both in a warehouse and a mainstage festival. With ‘Sacrifices’ I wrote it with the intention of it being a slow build. It’s meant to set the tone for things to come. It’s gonna be dark, different, and of course, weird.”Warden

Though a bass kid at heart, Warden has been hard at work experimenting with new styles to see what fits. With his latest Sacrifices EP, he delves into darker house music and pretty much nails it. Influences from Gesaffelstein, Rezz, Kill The Noise, Malaa and more are readily noticeable with Warden’s own penchant flair for bass music thrown into the mix.Matt MeadowYour EDM


Track List:
1. Sacrifices
2. Go Die
3. Get Down

Pre-Order Warden’s ‘Sacrifices’ on iTunes NOW!

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