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PROVISION Breaks Seven Year Silence With Hearts Turn Dark


July 20 2020
 – North America’s purveyors of “darkpop,” PROVISION return with their long-awaited 6th Full Length LP, Hearts Turn Dark!

“What does it mean to truly hurt? And to truly heal? “

It’s been 7 long and turbulent years since PROVISION gave the world A New Revolution. What followed that album in late 2012 was the internal breakdown of the band itself. While every attempt was made to rebuild and forge ahead, PROVISION was destined to be burned in flames.

“I want no regrets, if this disintegrates. Because I’m giving up everything.”


PROVISION’s new album Hearts Turn Dark is the first release to feature the Legacy Era of the band, with founding member Breye 7x now joined by Ian Sol on keyboards, backing vocals and songwriting.

From those ashes of a band all but broken emerged a reborn phoenix – one that would force PROVISION to begin an incredible new adventure.  Prepare yourself for a story of perseverance, courage, love, betrayal, regret, sin, introspection and total absolution.

With Hearts Turn DarkPROVISION takes you through an emotional journey based on actual events, as Ian & Breye ask you “Are we no longer human?”