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Industrial Band PANIC LIFT Presents Themed Series & Limited Edition EPs


July 29, 2021 –
 Industrial band PANIC LIFT return after a three-year hiatus with Split, the first in five thematically connected EPs: a release cycle that will span into 2022. The follow-up to 2018’s End ProcessPANIC LIFT presents two blistering new songs on Split with each harkening back to different corners of the dark music spectrum.

Each EP in the five-part series features two original tracks and two remixes from different artists. PANIC LIFT intends to have each new release be accompanied by a limited-edition physical product, which will change with each release. Split was released as a limited-edition physical cassette tape limited to 50 copies worldwide.

PANIC LIFT  brings these releases independently in association with longtime friends and collaborators PRIMORDIAL MUSIC.

For Fans Of: Ebm, Industrial, Aggrotech

Split features a synthwave inspired remix of “Tribute” from EBM juggernauts GRENDEL and an electro-funk rework of “Nowhere Fast” from the techno wizardry of WESENBERG, who is better known to the world as Krischan Jan-Eric Wesenberg from ROTERSAND.

The aptly titled “Tribute” is an EBM dance floor thumper reminiscent of some of the legends of the genre, all while incorporating PANIC LIFT‘s trademark juxtaposition of soaring clean vocals and guttural screams.

“Nowhere Fast” is a industrial rock assault reminiscent of the machine rock heyday of the mid-90s. These two songs pay homage to the legends that inspired PANIC LIFT vocalist and songwriter James Francis to begin writing music over 20 years ago. “I’ve found the material in these releases serve as a love letter to this genre of music” proclaims Francis.

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