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Alternative/Darkwave Artist BESS(Of WhiteCauldron) Documents Traumatic Journey With ‘No Cover’


October 9, 2021
 – Alternative/Darkwave artist BESS (Of WhiteCauldron) just recently unveiled her new full-length album, No Cover.  

No Cover is a document of loss and trauma; an album whose themes chronical events including personal loss and the difficulties suffered by the Covid-19 pandemic including the lockdowns. BESS is presently working on a video for the song, “What A Fool Believes” – an homage to her brother who she lost to Covid-19. 

Last year during COVID lockdowns, BESS was featured in ReGen Magazine for the track, “Shelter in Place.” With that track, she wrote lyrics and then recorded the vocals in one take.

No Cover is available as a limited edition (22 copies, only) and as a numbered, autographed edition that includes exclusive photos and a lyric book.  

About the song, “Tyrants”, BESS states:

“I (unknowingly) had COVID when I shot that video. I was excruciatingly fatigued & in pain. Even so, timing was of the essence. I had to get that music video out because of what had just happened: The January 6th Insurrection.

I didn’t use a storyboard for the video. Instead, I set the camera, green screen, bass, props/costumes and took footage with the song playing in the background. I used footage from the news coverage of the January 6th Insurrection. The green screen really helped bring it together.

The 80’s styling of black & white, cartoon filters and various color adjustments in a number of filters creates this sort of surreal journey into the past stylistically, while commenting on the present day political atmosphere. It’s intentionally punk & post-punk cinematography, to transport the viewer into an eerie vision of present-day hardships.”