Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Initial Thoughts. A review of Human by Projected.

Projected is a side project, a supergroup if you will. It features members of such bands as Creed, Alter Bridge, Sevendust, Submersed, and Daughters of Mara. The band is about to release their debut album Human. It’s all set to release on September 18th.

Handling vocal, as well as guitar duties, is John Connolly. John, along with bassist Vinnie Hornsby make up a large part of the sound that has made Sevendust so popular over the years. With John stepping out front, he’s created something cool. Something really cool. This isn’t just a bunch of musicians putting out a record together. There’s a lot more to it than that. This is an album that features friends doing what they do best; Making music for the sake of making music. With no restraints, limits or expectations, the band was able to let the music breathe and lead them where it needed to go. This album is full of emotion and is a very personal record. We’re very pleased to introduce Projected to our readers. I’ll give a quick overview of the album, but as always, I encourage you to discover the rest of the album on your own. If you enjoy what you hear, support the artists. Buy it, don’t steal it!

HELLo is the first full track that you’ll sit up and take notice of. It’s a track that will remind you of Sevendust, and that’s certainly expected, but it sure isn’t a bad thing either. It’s a great track vocally, but sonically is where it’s at. The two guitar attack of John and Eric Friedman really shine on this track and it really gives you a sense of what you can expect throughout the record.

Watch It Burn is up next and it’s quite possibly the most singable song on the record. This being the first single, you know the band thinks highly of it as well. I could see this doing very well at radio. It has all the elements needed to establish the band as the juggernaut they are. The song features a very adventurous breakdown that absolutely lifts this song to one of my favorites on the album.

Bring You Back features a great guest vocal appearance from Lajon Witherspoon. With 3 out of 5 Sevendust members on this song, you know what to expect, but it will still kick your ass. Listen, love it.

12804 is a song that many will latch onto. It’s a great song with a purpose. It’s a song written about a fallen musical brother. It’s about the tragic ending to Dimebag Darrell’s life. It’s a very personal account, and a beautiful tribute to the fallen legend.

Stella is my absolute favorite track on the album for one simple reason; John Connolly is wearing his heart on his sleeve in this track, and the emotion couldn’t be expressed anymore beautifully. I love music that has the ability to move you, whether that be physically or emotionally. This song is a perfect example of the latter.

Closing out the album is Breaking Me. It’s sonically the heaviest track on the album, if for no other reason than the snarling vocals delivered by Connolly. It’s a great song to end the album on as it will have you clamoring for more when it abruptly ends.

With thick layered guitars, deep lyrical content, well blended vocals, and some of the best song structure around; Projected has created a really sound record that will commandeer your ears and have you begging for more. It should honestly be of no surprise though. With the pedigrees of the band members involved, should we have honestly expected anything less?

★★★★★★★★☆☆ 8 out of 10 Stars! UnsungMelody.Com Approved!!

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