Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Industrial Rock Band, Industry Of Doom Bring Nihilism To Their Four Song Debut


August 11, 2022 – Mysterious industrial rock band, Industry Of Doom have introduced their nihilistic philosophy to the world with four new digitally-released tracks.

The Philosophy:
Industry Of Doom is a nihilistic re-invention of your past while self destruction is a thread throughout the lyrics. It’s about the power of brainwashing and manipulation. Truth and Lies. Reality and fantasy. How the wedge of drugs separates families. There is no better way-not through philosophy nor any other way.

Society is on a mission to shut down thought and expression-to shut down possibilities. Industry Of Doom wants to put everything on the table. Understanding manipulation- Whether you are the manipulator or the manipulated. Societal and social dominance and submission.

The Music:
Industry Of Doom is interested in utilizing music to tell the story-but also interested in opening neural circuits in the brain; Re-calculating pathways through music and thought.

Says Gentleman Vox about the musical direction: “I would say that my musical influences are very organic-that I purposefully clear my head when I’m writing-I have a thought as a seed and the music should come naturally from that. I literally put my thoughts and feelings out in music-I listen to punk, electro, metal, techno and art rock.”

Gentleman Vox and KÖSNIK’s clothing is both ritual wear and a way to keep their identities to themselves. They can move in and out of life. They walk among you and watch what you do.

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