Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

Heilung – Mission Ballroom – Denver, CO

Heilung brought their ritual to Denver’s Mission Ballroom Sunday night in a performance was nothing short of spellbinding. The band – whose core members hail from Norway, Germany and Denmark – are circling their ten year anniversary and have clearly amassed a sizable following in the U.S.

Under a sky that had darkened early (courtesy of daylight saving time), a legion of fans started lining up outside the venue well before the show was set to start. Many were dressed in pagan folk costumes. And all seemed full of anticipation.

The band’s name translates into “healing,” and their music is “inspired not only from Northern Europe, but also by ancient civilizations.” Or as they refer to it: “amplified history.” The main members are joined on stage by a variety of actors/warriors decked out in body paint, Bronze Age outfits and plenty of Viking paraphernalia. Each song was a full blow production, transporting all in attendance to another place and time.

The evening’s set list pulled from all four of the Heilung’s studio albums and included songs like “Krigsgaldre,” “Norupo,” “Hamrer Hippyer” and “Galgaldr.” Check out our photos of the mesmerizing night below: