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Darkwave Artist DISSONANCE Explores Passion With ‘Slowburn’


January 28, 2022
 – Darkwave artist DISSONANCE has just unveiled details about their new single/remix EP, Slowburn.  The video  for the “Smoke And Mirros”  mix made its premiere on ReGen Magazine on Friday, January 21 HERE:

“Slowburn” is a song about passion; passion- a deep love/emotion that consumes body and soul.  It is about depth of feeling for a person, place, process or thing. 

“I wrote this as I was considering the many all-consuming passions of my life.  Passion to write.  Passion for art.  Passion for nature, for the planet.  Passion for science.  Passion for humanity.  Passion for the individuals I love.  Also, the painful realization that despite my intense feeling, actions and orchestrations, these things, places, people, and processes come to an end. I come to an end.  My passions die with me.” – Cat Hall (DISSONANCE)

Slowburn is available on all digital platforms including Bandcamp.

“Cat Hall and Dissonance’s “Slowburn” is cyber cabaret simmer surrounding Cat’s rich flame flicker vocals. I am continually impressed by this band, they seem to have an effortless communication that translates to impactful and haunting melodies. You can feel the power of delivery in every line. “  – Ken Magerman (Sounds & Shadows)