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The Ultimate Warrior, Hustlers and KISS. An Interview with Jamie Madrox from Twiztid

Photo credit goes to Jason Shaltz

Photo credit goes to Jason Shaltz
Photo credit goes to Jason Shaltz
Horrorcore, what the hell is it? Well, Horrorcore is generally defined as: A subgenre of hip-hop based upon horror themed imagery and vocals.

Sometimes violent, always original. There are few out there in the horrocore genre that can compete with the veteran duo Twiztid. Equipped with their new mixtape For the Fam Volume 2 (which you can stream or download for free at the bottom of this article), the boys also just released their Get Twistid EP and have taken the show on the road and are looking for world domination, once again. We were recently presented with the opportunity to chat with one half of Twiztid, welcome Jamie Madrox to the Unsung Melody family!

On your website, you use the term “hustle” to describe your work but, the truth is that you bust your ass & work hard for everything you have. Where does your work ethic come from?

Since I can remember we have always wanted to do this (be entertainers) and more times than not it feels as if we are living our dreams. We are honored to do what we do and have an audience that enjoys our efforts and work. That’s incentive enough to become a work ethic of any sorts.

17 years in the business and going strong. New album. New banner. Do you have another 17 in the tank?

Absolutely, you’re only as old as you feel, and my brother and I are like two spring chickens waiting to peck the eyes out of the competition no matter their age or skill set. We are very comfortable in the fact that we do what we do well and we have no plans what so ever of stopping any time soon.

If you could fix one thing, anything, about the Music business, what would it be?

I think I would make a more horror-esque video channel of sorts for music like we do. You see there is a country video station, a pop video station via MTV, hell even the religious peeps have a video channel for their respective videos. But us horror music people, we have the internet cesspool for our efforts. so I guess I would change that.

Madrox, you recently paid tribute to the Ultimate Warrior with your makeup. Were you a WWF/E fan or was that because you loved his makeup?

I have been a WWF fan since I was a child and the Ultimate Warrior was and is still my favorite wrestler of all time, so when I painted up like him it was more of an homage to him and what he meant to me.

Celebrity Death Match: Twiztid vs ???

Menudo (laughter)

You’ve conquered the Music world. You’ve mastered acting in movies.. television?

Absolutely! Believe it or not we even were a part of a pilot called “Over/Under” for the USA network and it was a great time. Sure tv is totally cool with us.. radio, you name it..we love to entertain the masses and we will take any outlet and scoop slam it.

You’ve cited KISS as being influential on your music. Will you ever follow suit and go sans makeup?

Not sure, I mean we have done projects in the past sans makeup like “the Green Book” album and tour, and appeared in 2 motion pictures with out paint, not to mention the short lived “the Purple Show” so there’s really no “oh my shit… that’s what they look like without make up?” I think it’s more of the make up is like Madrox & Monoxide’s uniforms or superhero costumes so to speak. When we put it on shit gets serious!

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