Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Return to Dust – The Black Road EP Review

  1. Black Road
  2. Belly Up
  3. Anyway I Die
  4. Cellophane
  5. Losing Faith

Return to Dust, an LA band that has been making ground in popularity recently, especially with the EP The Black Road. Standout moments on this EP are undoubtedly the title track and “Belly Up,” where they adeptly capture the raw, dragging essence, and riff-heavy nature reminiscent of Alice In Chains. This is where Return To Dust shines the brightest.

Although this may evolve in the broader context of the shifting landscape within the grunge genre, there are instances where Return To Dust veer into entirely distinct sonic territories. Nonetheless, envisioning how loosely linked concepts like these can cohesively merge in the future poses a challenge, one likely pivotal for long-term success.

For those more interested in the latest developments of hard rock and grunge, embracing Return To Dust’s sound is a natural inclination. Given their youth and the pursuit of their influences, wearing their influences is not a bad thing. If the band continues with their growth, it’ll certainly be interesting to see what new sounds they cook up.

Final Thoughts

An EP from an up-and-coming LA band that has a lot to prove to the world. Great for fans of grunge/post-grunge. A lot of fun!