Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

The Cult Turned Red Rocks Into Their Sanctuary

British Rockers, The Cult, performed for a sold out crowd at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on 8/19. They treated the crowd to their hits, dating back to 1984.

The concert was part of the Revolution 3 tour which also featured Bush, and Stone Temple Pilots. It’s a tri -headlining tour where the bands rotate the lineup at each stop, hence the name “Revolution 3”. The lineup for the Red Rocks stop had British female led rockers, Bones, opening followed by: Bush, Stone Temple Pilots, and The Cult.

Bush was the first of the big 3 to hit the stage after the opener. Their songs “Glycerin” and “Machinehead” off their first album, brought back memories for all the 90’s kids in attendance. Bush’s front man, Gavin Rossdale, has always been the highlight of the band and for good cause. His boyish looks had all the ladies wooing over him as he danced and rolled, yes rolled, around the stage. Towards the end of the set he grabbed his microphone and headed into the crowd. He made it all the way to the top of Red Rocks while weaving through the crowd. At the top he sang to the crowd who had turned their backs on the band, so they could keep an eye on the energetic Rossdale.

Next was Stone Temple Pilots or as most of the world calls them, “STP”.  Their first album “Core” was released in 1992. Their music was like the grunge bands at the time but their front man, Scott Weiland, was unlike anything the 90’s had seen before. His dance moves were both fluid and erratic at the same time and his vocal range made other grunge bands look mediocre. Weiland died of an accidental overdose in 2015. Former two time X-Factor contestant, Jeff Gutt, was added to the band in 2017. If you were unaware of Weiland’s death, you may never know that he was replaced. Gutt moved and sang eerily similar to Weiland. They mostly played songs from the 90’s but threw in a newer one here and there. The crowd sang along to their famous songs “Interstate Love Song”, “Plush”, and “Creep”.

Last was The Cult and they did not disappoint. When the band came onstage, the first thing I noticed is how young their front man, Ian Astbury, looked. The dude looks great for 56! During the first couple of songs I saw some of the crowd leaving. Personally, I am more familiar with Bush and STP because of how influential they were during my youth, but The Cult is iconic. To those who left, you missed one hell of a show. The British rockers cruised through their songs “She Sells Sanctuary”, “Fire Woman”, and “Love Removal Machine”. By this time of the night the crowd was not holding back with their dancing and singing. It was a full-blown party! The excitement was contagious. The band sounded great and the weather was perfect. They had hard acts to follow but the veteran rockers came through and added onto a night filled with great music and nostalgia.

Take a look at photos of The Cult below: