Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Emblem3 #Bandlife Tour featuring Jackson Guthy and MKTO at The Rave in Milwaukee, WI

IMG_4711*When I signed on with Unsung Melody, it was my goal to bring a little different voice. A different vibe to the site. I’ve covered many genres in the past and when this opportunity presented itself, I felt it was a great introduction into the world of pop for Unsung Melody. I hope you enjoy!

For fans of Emblem3, nothing could top seeing them on Valentine’s Day, as a sold-out crowd made up of mostly 14 to 22 year-old women filled the venue to catch a glimpse of these Cali boys.

Opening the show was Jackson Guthy, who was discovered on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2011. He has opened for Cher Lloyd and English sensations, One Direction. Playing a strong set with a backing band, he had the crowd excited and they sang-along to his songs. A funny moment in the set was when his tour manager worked his way to the front of the crowd. As Guthy opened his set, Guthy broke down laughing upon seeing the sight.

Up next was MKTO, featuring Malcom Kelly and Tony Oller. The group formed after becoming friends on the TV show, Gigantic and have a good combination of Oller singing and Kelly’s free-flowing rap/singing style. What separates them from most pop bands is their writing, as they wrote every song on their new album, “MKTO.” They played their hits, Thank You, God Only Knows and a cover version of Lordes’, Royal. Playing with a full backing band allowed them to sing unlike many groups who have tracks to help them along. Backing tracks are certainly something that I generally frown upon, so it was great to see a live band with both openers. They ended the show with the hit single, Classic and had the crowd chanting for more.

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During the set change for Emblem3, you could tell it was going to be a wild and fun show as the crowd and the energy worked into a frenzy.

With a stage set-up that looked like a snapshot of the guy’s bedrooms, growing with milk crates holding the drum kit, as well as a skateboard ramp, couch, and even a refrigerator decked out with pictures that parents often post of their own kids.

With a market saturated with commercialized pop, Emblem3 have carved a niche in this genre and expanded on it. Having co-written their album, “Nothing to Lose” and playing their own instruments, they bring an edge to them in a much-missed Pop Genre. Backed by a killer band, their show is high energy with a rock influence to go along with pop melodies. Wesley noted he grew up listening to punk and rock music. I’d say it certainly shows.

As the show started, the guys rolled out on skateboards and hit the ramp on-stage as they did several times during the set. The room exploded as they opened with I Love LA, Reason, and Just for One Day had the crowd in the palm of their hands.

Emblem3 have a very close relationship with their fans through their social media sites. They have formed a bond unlike any pop band I have seen, and the whole thing seems as if it is very grass roots. This bond also extends within the band as the backing band members have been with them for the last 2 years, creating a tight unit, as well as a lasting friendship between the brothers and Drew.

Playing Say What You Mean, a song they wrote before they were on the 1st season of X-Factor, allowed them to showcase songs some fans might not have known. They did a version of XO that was a mash up with Santeria, the classic hit from Sublime.

As headliners they were able to stretch out their set list and play for an hour and a half that included several songs not included on the album. Songs like Tequila Sunrise, Indigo, True Friends, and Curious. The crowd sang along to every song as they held up signs and their phones to capture every moment.

Every night, they are asking fans to vote their favorite song and then pick fans going to the show to come on stage. Tonight the song was I Wish, as they brought out 3 fans to join them.

They ended the night with Chloe and an encore of Sunset.

For many in the crowd, this was a chance to experience live music and artists that play their own instruments, which is lacking in today’s pop music. The tour will continue until mid-March before heading overseas, as well back in the studios to work on their 2nd album.

This a group of young men willing to push the envelope of pop music and not to be molded into a stereotype.

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