Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Stream the brand new song RU486 from Stone Sour!!

This is a heavier tune from the first part of Stone Sour’s upcoming double release House of Gold & Bones Part 1. It’s titled RU486. The first album is to be released on October 22nd. You can get some pretty amazing pre-orders here. Let us know what you think! I’ll include a recent press release about an accompanying comic book as well. Yeah, I said comic book. Looks awesome!!

Also, if you haven’t heard the first single Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero, you can hear that here as well.

October 11, NEW YORK, NYGrammy-nominated musician and best-selling author Corey Taylor, the lyricist and lead singer of Slipknot and Stone Sour, is setting down the microphone and putting ink and images to paper in his new project with Dark Horse Comics: House of Gold & Bones!

With stunning covers from Jason Shawn Alexander (Empty Zone, Abe Sapien), this limited four-issue series marks Corey Taylor’s debut in the comics genre.I’ve been a die-hard fan of comics, on every level, my entire life,” says Taylor. “This has been a dream of mine for years now, and this project was tailor made for a comic, no pun intended. I couldn’t have picked a better company than Dark Horse to make this a reality. I have loved several of their titles for many years, going back to ’92. If we can get this crazy world out of my head and onto the canvas, it’ll be the best thing I’ve ever attempted. And with Dark Horse, I have every confidence that’s exactly what we’ll do.

House of Gold & Bones is a unique multimedia experience which includes two Stone Sour albums via Roadrunner Records (release date for Part 1 is October 22, with Part 2 following in 2013), videos, online presence, creative album packaging, live shows, and now the Dark Horse Comics series. Each element will follow and expand on the story. Taylor, already an internationally best-selling author, courtesy of last year’s Seven Deadly Sins, wrote the story, as well as the lyrics for the twenty-three tracks that make up the two albums, as a linear story line. The Stone Sour songs set the tone and follow the action, with Taylor’s House of Gold & Bones comic expanding on the story.

House of Gold & Bones issue #1 is on sale April 17, 2013!

Check out the exclusive interview with Corey Taylor on USAToday!

Check out the video to Gone Sovereign by Stone Sour below: