Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

CRYPT Releases New Video For First Single “Death Makes A Holiday”

Lafayette, LA based Alternative Hardcore band CRYPT has released the Official Music Video for their debut single, “Death Makes A Holiday”. Directed and shot by Alexander Breaux.

The dark reality of major events that took place in the past usually don’t show up in your textbooks. Death is so prevalent in history and we have been really intrigued by those events so we decided to write about them. Fuck writing about ex-girlfriends and sad shit. We just feel like that’s played out. This song and video are about the last public execution in the United States. It was such a major event, people traveled hundreds of miles to witness someone’s life end. I feel like if that had happened today it would be much different. We just want to show how times have changed in comparison to everything you consume on your phone and tv. – Andre Noel

“We want to rejuvenate anyone we touch. The 14-year-old kid who loves his guitar but is afraid to start a band, we want them to start a band. The listener who is discouraged in the new wave of music being released, we want them to be excited that raw music is coming back. We want to gain genuine connection. Fuck the fashion, fuck the gimmick, fuck anything that doesn’t come down to true hard music. Because that’s what we are here to do.” – Canaan Frederick

South Louisiana is a corner of the map that carves out some of the most diverse and unique people you will ever meet. When these people come together to form and idea, creative sparks fly. CRYPT is a prime example of how those creative sparks can manifest into a burning fire.

Residing from Lafayette, Louisiana, CRYPT is a 4 piece progressive and aggressive rock band looking to set themselves apart from other acts. Whether its gritty guitar riffs, the unique style of charismatic vocals, or the unconfined attitude, they aim to leave no fan disappointed. Proof of this can be found through their incredibly high energy performances as well as their no holds barred songs which are based around touchy subjects through history that usually can’t be found in a textbook.

CRYPT’s key influences as a whole are pulled from bands like Rage Against the MachineChevelleLetlive, and Slipknot, just to name a few. But don’t be fooled. Vocalist Canaan Frederick emphasizes, “Each member has different personal influences dating back from the sounds and attitude of NWA, to the progressive style of The White Stripes, and into today’s modern Hardcore market. Our focus has become to mesh all of those sounds together to create something that is true. Something that cannot be mistaken or replicated. We want our fans to know our sound.

Future plans for CRYPT are to begin a full-scale touring schedule that will acquire them a larger fan base and more exposure. The band also anticipates sharing the stage with more regional and national acts with the long-term goal of booking onto a festival tour in 2018. In conjunction with ramping up touring, they plan on finishing and releasing their first release with Jonathan Dolese of KonKrete Studios.

CRYPT invites you to experience their music live, or through their current single “Death Makes A Holiday”. “CRYPT is CRYPT,” Guitarist Stephen Hogan says, “we are here to define what we are through what we release. It completely encompasses rock and roll. We don’t fit into a mold and we believe that our music proves that.”

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