Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Attraction To Tragedy Releases “Graven Image” Lyric Video From ‘Passion Over Fashion’ Album

press_releaseMetalcore artists Attraction To Tragedy have released a lyric video for their track “Graven Image” from their upcoming album ‘Passion Over Fashion’ was released today.

‘Passion Over Fashion’ was produced by Jim Fogarty (All That RemainsShadow’s Fall) and Joe Cocchi (Within The Ruins) and features both producers playing bass and guitars on the album. Passion also features Kevin McGuill (Within The Ruins) on drums. The album is meant to prove that music should matter first and foremost over any fashion trends that are prominent in the music world today.

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About Attraction To Tragedy

“Although I love the reaction it’s always passion over fashion” With their debut album, “Passion Over Fashion”, Attraction To Tragedy are ready to prove that style and substance can coexist. Recorded at Zing studios (Killswitch EngageUnderoath, etc) with producers Jim Fogarty (All That RemainsShadows Fall) and Joe Cocchi the record combines shameless pop hooks and infectious metal riffs. In the studio 22 year old singer/ guitarist Jaiden Shaywas joined by Jim Fogarty on bass and Joe’s Within The Ruins bandmate Kevin “Drummer” Mcguill. After a long search for musicians who shared his vision Jaiden was joined by bassist Brandon Burke and drummer Izzy Scott to take the band to the next level. Now stronger than ever Attraction To Tragedy are out to prove that they really do put Passion Over Fashion.