Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022

Writing on the Wall. An interview with Clinton Cunanan from Another Lost Year.


As we follow the progress of past Unsung Artists on the site, we noticed one in particular pushing as hard as ever and continually making strides towards their goals. That band is Another Lost Year. We caught up with the Charlotte, North Carolina rockers recently and checked in to see how things are going.

Clinton Cunanan joins us again here at Unsung Melody. Clinton is the voice behind the band. First off, thanks again for joining us and welcome back to the Unsung Melody family. Let’s get caught up. Since the Wayland tour when we last spoke, how’s the band been doing?

We’ve been doing really well. We have released a new single, Writing On the Wall. We’ve had several sold-out shows and have learned how to score free food from fast food joints. That’s always a plus.

Free food, I’m in! (Laughter) Radio has been pretty responsive to you guys. You had a great run on Sirius XM. Have you gotten used to hearing your song on the radio yet?

Every time we hear it, it still stops me and I have to check and see if I am still dreaming. It is truly something amazing.

War On the Inside continues to open doors for you guys. Did you have any idea how important that song was going to be when you wrote it?

I wasn’t writing to become anything. I had something on my mind and shared it. It is crazy to think a song that I wrote sitting on my couch one afternoon has helped us become what we are today. I am just glad people got it, and made it their own personal story.

Have you picked the next single yet?

We just released Writing On the Wall. It has surpassed what War did a lot faster, and we could not be happier.

Have you guys written any new music of late?

I am always writing. We have been touring nonstop. We are going to give this album a few more months before we take a short studio break. We will be trying a few songs out throughout some of our “home” areas around the country, but this time, I really want to hold back the new material, make sure it’s the right songs.

The band is about to hit the road again soon. Give us some details on the tour.

We never really leave the road. We average five nights per week. This year we have shared the stage with some greats; Candlebox, Adema, Norma Jean, Dope, 3 Years Hollow, Eye Empire, Pop Evil and several more. In 2013, we are going to try and top 225 plus shows this year, hoping for that 280-290 range.

You stated in our last interview that winning over your hometown of Charlotte was one of your biggest obstacles as a band. Now that you’ve had some success, what is the next big mountain the band wants to conquer?

Still trying to win our hometown? Ha! Our biggest obstacle, as of late, is finding time off to relax a few. Touring takes a tremendous amount out of you. 15 months on the road, you get tired. Not of the music, or the people, you just never sleep.

Alright, last time you answered a cartoon question as my random question. I’ll go a little more serious this time. Not really, but I had ya going there for a second. MTV used to have the show Celebrity Deathmatch, so lets re-hash that show. I’ll pit Justin Beiber vs. Justin Timberlake in a battle for the title of Ultimate Justin. Who wins and why? How may even be a better question!

I gotta go JT on this one. Have you seen his sweet moves? He just kind of prances around. Plus, Timberlake is an OG boy bander. He’s seen a lot of things. Mostly women drooling over him, but I am sure he has had a few swings taken at him. And obviously he wins with Jessica Biel swooping in and spearing Bieber in the heart like a vampire from Blade Trinity.

Beautiful answer!! Thanks for your time Clinton. Best of luck and we’ll catch you on the road again soon.

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