Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Mr. Kristopher Releases Dark Debut Video & ‘Chess Moves’ EP, Out Now on Afterlife Records

Multigenre Electronic Music producer Mr. Kristopher (Kristopher Gray), known for touring with Tech N9ne (Strange Music, Inc) and appearances at Dancefestopia and Lose Control 7 during SXSW, recently released his 4 track EP Chess Moves. Utilizing classic techno elements paired with devastating drops and a refreshingly raw energy level,Chess Moves is a transgenre masterpiece that is a must hear for any dance music fan.

The Chess Moves EP is a big deal to me because I feel that I am able to finally create all the sounds that are in my thoughts at a professional level of music production. What makes this release so exciting is that this is my debut EP, and it is being released by incredible artists that inspire me. The first song on the EP is titled “Checkmate” and it carries with it a raw energy that was perfect for the music video. It is composed of breaks followed by a haunting electro house drop. The second song on the EP is titled “Cannibalistic” which was incredibly fun to record. The melody of the song I recorded on guitar, and on the hooks I created two different styles of electronic music that first made me fall in love with the genre. The third song of the EP is titled “SMILE” which is one of my favorite new tracks to play out because of the synths that were used. This song delivers a heavy punch of a TB-303 synth that I re-created in Nexus. The final song “Binary” is an incredible mid-tempo song that destroys crowds everywhere, and is a wink about what will be coming out in the future. This is Mr. Kristopher’s first chess move.Mr. Kristopher

Chess Moves EP - Album Artwork

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