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Gothic Rock Act, pMAD Brings The Struggle Of Good Vs. Evil With “Who Am I”


December 16, 2021
 – Irish gothic rock act, pMAD has just unveiled their debut single and video, “Who Am I”.

Taking the free time granted by the pandemic and a new approach to life, Paul Dillon aka pMad got his act together and finally made a full album.  These tracks, with help from friends in Latvia, Germany, Ireland and Brazil are now fully mixed, mastered and ready for release on Zedakube Records.

The debut single ‘Who Am I’ is an emotional mix of pMad’s haunted, gloomy voice, choir and guest voices in addition to dramatic keys, neat bass lines, guitars all tied together with a pulsating drum groove.  

‘Who Am I’ is an audio and visual emotional rollercoaster. Firstly, seeing the coroner examining a body, we are to decide if it is the perpetrator or the    victim. The song is asking, “Am I the perpetrator? Am I the victim? Am I the survivor? Am I good or evil? Which one are you? Who Am I?”

pMad is a survivor using hope as the medicine while being amazed by the horror we can perpetrate on each other and our environment.

“Who Am I” appears on the forthcoming pMAD album due out in 2022.  The single is available now via Bandcamp.